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10 April 2011

Soundtrack of My Life Part 2

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Instructions: Put your favorite music player on shuffle (Party Shuffle on iTunes) and fill in the names of the songs in the order they show up. Or you could pick your own songs, but that’s not as much fun.

  • My friends see me as Only Girl In The World by Rihanna
  • My make-out song is Sobakasu by Judy and Mary 
  • My day will be like I’mma Be by BEP
  • I’ll have a good day if I can just hear Perfect Games by The Broken West
  • Next time I’m in front of a crowd, I’ll say Perfect Two by Auburn * I kindda Jealous
  • My message to the world has always been Rasul menyuruh mencintai anak yati by Bimbo *subhanallah
  • Somewhere in my wedding vows, I will include Mahadewi by Padi
  • My best friend is like Break! Go! by 5566
  • My alter-ego is Assasin by Muse
  • Right now, I feel This is The Think by Fink 
  • My innermost desire is Marhaban ya Ramadhan by EbithbeatA 
  • What makes me happy is It’s Alright by Yang Hwa Jin
  • My birth was like Misty Mistery by Garnet Crow
  • My theme song Bangun Pemuda – Pemudi * waduh nasionalis banget
  • My deepest secret is American Idiot by Green Day
  • If I reached the top of Mount Everest, what I would scream Left Behing by Slipknot
  • My favorite thing to do is Honto no Ichiban by Cadrcaptor Sakura
  • The story of my life is Tak Hanya Diam by Padi
  • At my funeral they’ll play Gotta Get Me Some by Nickelback
  • When I’m drunk I say Hands Up by 2pm
  • Behind my back, My friends think I’m This is Me by Demi Lovato
  • If I got lost on a desert island, I would yell Untuk Kita Renungkan by Ebiet G Ade
  • When I’m in the shower, I sing Mama by My Chemical Romance
  • My love of life was inspired by the song 11 Januari by Gigi * semoga happy ending
  • Highschool was like The Reason by Hoobstank
  • My family is described by the song Home is in Your Eyes by Greyson Chance
  • How will you die? Everything But Me by Daughtry
  • To cheer myself up I Call Me Sickboy – Hopes Die Last

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