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29 Maret 2012

Me and Avenged Sevenfold

Kamis, Maret 29, 2012 Posted by n.hadiyati , 2 comments
  • What was the first song you ever heard ? Afterlife
  • What is your favorite song ? I like every song in album but I pick Warmness On The Soul
  • What are your favourite lyrics ? 
I believe my sins have been forgiven
and I believe my choice will save me from this life
please don't question why
my sins have been forgotten
I believe I'll find peace in afterlife
please don't question why
I left this way
  • How many times have you seen live ? Dont get that chance and unfortunately even 1 May they come I still can't watch because no one can accompany me :'(
  • Is there any song that makes you sad ? Still feel so emotional when So Far Away Playing
  • When did you first get into ? 2009 at my first time of senior high school
  • How did you get into ? My Senior cover that song and sell the CD and I didn't buy it but looking for original one :)
  • How did you become a fan ? Always like their music but become addict when I know my boyfriend like a7x so much

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