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26 Oktober 2010

A little Fact About Me

Selasa, Oktober 26, 2010 Posted by n.hadiyati No comments
What’s your name? Nurhadiyati, nickname yati
Do you still attend school?absolutely yes
How tall are you?around 162
Do you wish you were taller or shorter?taller!
Do you wear glasses/contacts? glasses with minus 06.65 and cylinder 0.75
What color is your hair? black but not shiny, actually dark black
What color are your eyes? black

  • Color? white, black
  • Non-alcoholic drink? mineral water, soft drink, milk , syrup :)
  • Food? Roti Kirai :)
  • Genre of music?depends on my mood
  • Band? linkin park, muse, avenged sevenfold, etc
  • Singer? so much cant mention it
  • Movie? Grown Ups (at the moment)
  • Actor? So many cant mention it
  • Television show?Detective Conan
  • Current song? Hundred Percent Free - Kimi ni Aitai (at the moment)
  • Book?many
  • Flower? Rose
  • Website?hmm.. twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Youtuber, Blogger
  • Ice cream flavor? strawberry, vanilla
  • Pizza topping? beef
  • Country?Indonesia
  • Language?Bahasa and English
  • School subject?Bahasa, english, japan

This or That
  • Eat or drink? eat
  • Watch a movie or T.V.?movie
  • Books or magazines?both of them are okey to me :)
  • Color or black & white films?color
  • Cell phone or camera?cell phone
  • Rock or Rap? rock
  • Alternative or Indie? alternative
  • Rap or hip-hop? nope
  • Screamo or metal? metal
  • Guitar or bass? guitar
  • Drums or Piano?both are cool hehhee
  • Water or soda?both, can I?
  • Pizza or hamburgers? both, haha I have huge appetite
  • Love or money?love, Quickly Think
  • God or the Buddha?Allah SWT
  • Meat or vegetables? meat, i hate vegetables at all
  • Life or death?life

  • What’s your favorite genre of music?depends on mood
  • If you could play any instrument, which would you chose? guitar
  • Would say music is an important part of your life?kinda
  • Have you ever seen your favorite band/singer in concert? nope
  • If so, did you get to meet them after the show?nope
  • Have you ever been to a concert? How many?I Never been to a concert, My wish is LInkin Park Concert
  • Do you play any intruments? I cant play any instrument :(
  • Last song you listened to: edward maya - stereo love, spanish version

  • Last movie you watched: sailormoon LOL
  • Did you think this movie was good?yes I like it
  • Did it make you laugh at all?of course yes
  • Favorite quote from a movie: Love is always patient and kind. It is never jealous. Love is never boastful or conceited. It is never rude or selfish. It does not take offense and is not resentful - a walk to remember
  • Does this quote have any meaning to you? Absolutely yes
  • If you had to be in a movie, what would the movie be about? Bella Swan ( Twilight ), not the part she liked by two mans but the part she can survive without the one she loved, little shame for me
  • Favorite movie character? shia labeouf - transformer

  • Who is your best friend? Karina Devianta, Raissa Romastarika and Rachel Roitona
  • Do you trust this person a 100%? not really
  • Do you have a lot of friends, do you think that matters?yes.
  • Do you still live with your parents?yes
  • Do you have any siblings, what are their names? Yes, Erlyza Mucharani, Siti Rizky Ramdhana
  • Were you adopted?no
  • Are you a twin?;no
  • Do your parents/guardians like all of your friends? always
  • Do your friends like your parents?some of them

  • What is your current relationship status? in Relationship
  • Are you happy about that? Why or why not?I am feel happy,Why? maybe thats why it's called LOVE
  • Do you need a significant other to be happy?kinda
  • Have you ever been in love?of course
  • Do you believe in love at first sight? yes
  • Do you want to get married?yes, 1o years from now
  • Do you like to keep your personal life private or spread it all around?private
  • Have you ever had a broken heart?humanly, yes

  • What is your favorite food? Roti Kirai
  • Favorite Italian dish:Pizza, Lasagna
  • Favorite Mexican dish: nope
  • Do you like Chinese food? nope
  • Hot or ice tea? ice tea
  • You refuse to eat? Nooooo if I refuse, that will be the stupid moment ever

  • What are some of your interests? Eating!!
  • The person you have the most in common with:no one, i think i’m way too different.
  • What do you like to do when your bored? listening the music
  • Are you a fast typer? you can say it, i am faster
  • What is the weather like today? Are you enjoying it? rainy and not enjoy at all
  • Are you excited for summer or would you rather be in school?kinda
  • Do you have a job? What is it?student of course
  • What are your plans for the future? Plan A :Become criminolog work for police for 3 years and investigated anythink and married so i quit for job and become mother. Plan B :Become a programmer, work for government after that getting maried have a kids
  • Do you believe Barack Obama will change things?yes
  • What type of mood are you in today?down, lately down.
  • What do you plan on doing after this survey?keep on browsing
  • Do you like the movie “Finding Nemo”?&lovin it
  • Do you make jewelry?no.

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