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14 September 2014

I am Flying Without Wings :)

Minggu, September 14, 2014 Posted by n.hadiyati , , , , 2 comments
Everybody's looking for a something / One thing that makes it all complete / You'll find it in the strangest places / Places you never knew it could be |  Some find it in the face of their children / Some find it in their lover's eyes / Who can deny the joy it brings / When you've found that special thing / You're flying without wings | Some find it sharing every morning / Some in their solitary lives / You'll find it in the words of others / A simple line can make you laugh or cry | You'll find it in the deepest friendship / The kind you cherish all your life / And when you know how much it means / You've found that special thing / You're flying without wings / So, impossible as it may seem / You've got to fight for every dream / ‘Cause who's to know which one you let go / Would have made you complete | Well, for me it's waking up beside you / To watch the sunrise on your face / To know that I can say I love you / At any given time or place | It's little things that only I know / Those are the things that make you mine / And it's like flying without wings / ‘Cause you're my special thing / I'm flying without wings | And you're the place my life begins / And you'll be where it ends |

I'm flying without wings

And that's the joy you bring I'm flying without wings

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